We are Yorkshire based Paedophile Hunters who will travel to help save our children.We are wanting Paedophiles to be remanded once we have caught them due to them possibly removing evidence and possibly reoffending and hurting our children which of course we do not want.

While talking to Paedophiles it is very time consuming and can be difficult and destressing for members of our team as we can be sent vile and indecent images of the Paedophiles themselves but we just endure through it and we keep working to a degree to catch these  Paedophiles .The Predators contact us themselves and we do not entice them into any activity at all and this is not any kind of entrapment due to them messaging us first.

We are hoping for you to support us and we are hoping to get this to Parliament for justice for our children and victims of this crime . We have very strong views on this and we believe that the vast majority of Predators get put on bail with no bail conditions and they’re back talking to the children and grooming them online AGAIN. 

If the defendant (D) believes that the child is under the legal age of 16 and wants to meet then D is commiting the offence by having both the mens rea and the actus reus causing D to get a higher sentence as D intended to meet.


St cross church amazing youth club would like to say a massive thank you for the £100 donated from predator exposure towards our Christmas toy appeal these are some of the gifts we bought, we worked along side the food bank this morning and helped make sure 35 children now have gifts for Christmas morning we will be doing this for the next 3 weeks if anyone has any toy donations new or used please bring them along to St Cross Church Middleton.

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First cheque delivered LEEDS CHILDREN’S CHARITY LINEHAM FARM £275 Thanku for delivering it to them you know who you are.